Green Lantern

The building at 1585 Barrington Street, known as the Green Lantern, is one of the most significant heritage properties on Barrington Street. After many years of uncertainty surrounding the fate of this building, the new property owners have taken an initiative to invest in the heritage value of the property. The Green Lantern is a great example of living history and has had a strong contribution to a once vibrant Barrington Street. However, the building structure sits in disrepair after the combination of many years of neglect and severe damage caused by Hurricane Juan in 2003. This building requires immediate and comprehensive intervention to preserve and reclaim its original vibrant and rich character. The original building is referred to as the Green Lantern, referencing a former restaurant tenant of the building. Pulling from this history, the topping roof element will be constructed of a copper green material. It will be set back from street view, providing privacy for residents. The design will be modern, sculptural and full of light. There will be 63 total residential units plus approximately 3,900 sq ft of commercial space at grade.
In order to revitalize the building, the project team took a collaborative approach to find a solution to reintroduce vibrancy back into Green Lantern. The challenge was finding a balance between preserving the heritage aspect of the building while meeting design and heritage guidelines, and making the project financially feasible. The project team has succeeded and excelled in achieving these goals by preserving all heritage elements of the building and designing a new addition that is complementary to the heritage design of the original building. In march 2016, the Heritage Advisory Committee recommended the project for approval to Regional Council along with positive comments for the holistic approach of the project. 


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