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The Yarmouth working waterfront makes an important contribution to economy of Yarmouth and the surrounding region. It has been a vital part of the Town for more than two centuries, with the fishery, shipping fleets, ferry, rail, and manufacturing all having contributed to the importance of the waterfront over the decades. The waterfront is a dynamic entity, with its history demonstrating its ability to adapt to changing times. Now, Water Street is poised for change once more.

Through its new Municipal Planning Strategy, adopted in 2016, Yarmouth intends to encourage more economic development and land use diversity in the Water Street area in a manner that is respectful of current activity and that takes advantage of new planning options and new investment opportunities.


The Yarmouth Waterfront Action Plan will ensure that this new investment occurs in an atmosphere in which all stakeholders have opportunities to share their ideas and insights through a robust planning process. This website is your portal into that process!


Did you know?

  • Yarmouth is an international port, one of just four ports of entry to Nova Scotia for international vessels?
  • Yarmouth was named after Yarmouth, Massachusetts by New England Planters (settlers) who moved here in 1759? 
  • Yarmouth is home to the Yarmouth-Portland international ferry terminal, with several weekly summertime crossings Gulf of Maine?
  • Kippered herrings, produced on the Yarmouth waterfront by IMO Foods, are sold around the world?
  • The vast Newell lobster pound on Water Street can hold up to a million pounds of lobster?
  • Scotia Garden Seafoods produces herring fillets for smoking and pickling and extracts herring milt for export, mainly to Europe.

How to get involved

Be sure to attend the Yarmouth Waterfront Symposium to be held over two Wednesday evenings in October. See below for times and visit the Town's Facebook page to let us know whether you plan to attend. Attendance is open to all but it would help for planning purposes if you let us know in advance. Please share this with your friends through Facebook and Twitter!


Check out the cool art at Town Hall

If you are near Town Hall this week, be sure to drop in and take a look at the paintings on display in the foyer, on loan from the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives. These are ships portraits from Yarmouth's golden age of sail and they are a fitting addition in light of the waterfront development project, reminding us of the Town's glorious past and offering some colourful inspiration for its future. Our thanks to the YCMA for making the display happen!

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